Managing our weight can often be a sensitive and complicated issue. How often have you referred to your ‘ideal weight’ or ‘size’ and which item of clothing do you use to decide whether you’re in shape or not at this point in time? Sometimes we can get too focussed on terminology like ‘tone up’ and ‘slim down’ without paying attention to what these particular terms might mean and how often they can contradict each other.

NBNC can help you set realistic and achievable goals to work towards your ideal body composition. Rather than focussing on weigh-ins, removing foods, sugars and any enjoyment in your diet, we focus on providing sustainable solutions for planning exercise programmes, changing the way you think about your weight and advice on fuelling the body and the role food plays in weight management. We do this by:

  • Gathering vital health information and checking for risk
  • Counting calorie intake VS metabolic rate and activity
  • Programming specific exercise routines, their intensity and frequency
  • Focus on increasing lean muscle mass and training in a sustainable way
  • Avoid crash/ fad diets, weigh-ins, fasting and controlling foods in an unsustainable way
  • Offering ongoing nutritional advice and support
  • Free Q & A service

If you are worried about your weight and want to know what you can do about it get in touch today and see what we can do for you!

Don’t know where to start?

We offer a free no-commitment fitness consultation over the phone, at the local gym or we can even come to your home (within a 10 mile radius).  We create a fitness goals framework for you, calculate a calorie counter to help you manage your macronutrient intake, devise exercise session plans and provide exercise instruction to give you all the tools you need to get started by yourself.

If you are feeling ready and motivated we can get going with your first session straight-away! We can train you at your home, in the comfort of your own garden or living room or we can train you at the leading local gym Crowborough Leisure Centre.  We can train you on weekdays and some weekends.

Trying hard but not seeing results?

We take a look at your vital stats, lifestyle and diet, examine your current fitness program if you have one, set and refine goals for you to aim towards, push you harder than you could or maybe would yourself, help you stay motivated and teach you the knowledge needed to carry on maximising the effectiveness of your workouts and training in future.

Don’t know what foods to eat or avoid?

Trying to work out how much protein we should be eating, how many glasses of water a day we should drink, whether low-fat or zero sugar products are good for us or not- there is a mind-boggling maze of jargon out there that can be a struggle for anyone to decipher. We try and cut through all the information with calorie counters, meal plans and nutritional advice to help you understand how to manage your diet and lifestyle, what foods are best for you and will help you towards your goals and to provide inspiration in the kitchen so you don’t feel consigned to a diet of plain chicken and steamed vegetables!  

Support, encouragement and coaching

We’ve been there and done it. We know how hard it can be, how long it can take and how lonely, scary and disheartening it can be. We know what it’s like to fail over and over again! We also know that with effective training, coaching and a little support and positive reinforcement, anyone can get fitter and feel better about themselves. You might want to lose some weight, tone-up to feel confident on your beach holiday or just want to feel happier and more better in yourself- chances are if you’re not where you want to be,  you could benefit from a little help.