“You push me every session and always give words of encouragement. Thank you for making me love fitness again and for always encouraging me to do more. You’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to new ways of staying fit. You’ve given me the confidence in myself that I thought I would never get back and I could not thank you enough!” Frankie


“It’s fun, energetic, inspirational, motivating, non-judgmental, hard-work, it HURTS- but it’s rewarding. Your sessions are also very professional, well-structured and results-driven.” Kat


“Danny is so motivating, he always has so much energy (which helps when you’re not always in the mood to do an hour’s training first thing in the morning) and he soon gets you pretending to love him! Best trainer!” Rosie


“Working out with Danny isn’t a chore! I actually enjoy going to the training sessions. We have a right laugh but at the same time I can definitely feel him working me hard! I’ve been going to the gym and doing things for about 7 years now on and off and I’ve never really seen the results I wanted until I started seeing Danny. Having a better understanding of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it along with nutritional advice I have definitely seen the results and it has given me so much more confidence. Thanks for making me actually enjoy working out!” Charlotte


“Danny’s classes are fab because he is so full of energy and motivates you to push yourself harder than you normally ever would! It’s always a really relaxed and friendly environment and has become part of my weekly routine! Thanks Danny!” Ellie