danny NBNC fitness trainerFor those of you that have known me across the last 30 odd years, I wouldn’t say I’ve been associated with strenuous physical exertion, performed repeatedly, in-time to music. That’s just not me.

In my mid twenties I decided that my job sat behind a desk, a lack of motivation and high levels of stress weren’t contributing to a happy and healthy lifestyle. In short, I was unhappy, overweight and unfit- I looked 10 years older than I was. To top it all off- I picked up a serious injury that left me unable to walk for months and pushed me further away from even considering exercise as something that could  benefit me or change the way I felt about myself.

Little by little something changed. It was slow at first, with several false dawns and wasted hours adding to the self-doubt. I dipped in and out of the gym but was firmly of the belief that this was just an unsustainable hobby and those bigger chaps in the changing room really were judging me. It wasn’t until the person closest to me pointed out how much I’d started to change that I started to see, or even believe it was possible.

So I spent the last few years of my life getting back to basics, using the physical tools I was born with, to do the best that I could do, with me. And let me tell you- that’s not so easy when you’re 5’7, have the muscle-mass of a hamster, are singularly awful at anything remotely practical or physical and have a 4 inch scar where your Achilles tendon used to attach nicely to your foot, know nothing about fitness and haven’t exercised for about 15 years.

And so I decided to become a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

It’s taken some time and I’ve failed and failed and failed some more for good measure and I’ve managed to look pretty stupid along the way, but I can now safely say, that if I can do it, anyone can.

Offering Women’s Personal Training, Group training, Fitness Classes, Nutrition Advice, Slimming, Shredding, Legs Bums and Tums, Core, Combat and Aesthetics training – I am Not Big, Not Clever.